February 3, 2023




The IADN is a leading independent defence and strategic news and information providing website. It is a ‘not-for-profit’ ‘self-sustaining’ ‘non-partisan’ ‘knowledge-building’ website providing exclusive, independent and in-depth news and analysis on leading defence, strategic, security and related issues pertaining to India.

It was founded by Mr. Shantanu K. Bansal in March, 2012. Since then with support of team of editors, IADN has come-up as a leading defence news and information sharing platform.

The IADN is a unique venture which has played an instrumental role in taking defence and strategic issues to the wider audience that was then limited to some scholars/military professionals/enthusiasts of the country, hence assisting building the much needed ‘strategic culture’ in the country. Having inspired from IADN many such news and analysis platforms mushroomed across the open domain.

With extreme efforts, the IADN has been able to transform itself into an open information and knowledge sharing platform. Time and again through its unique way of reporting, it has touched many minds hence providing a way for better policy orientation in the sector it serves. Today IADN is backed by a strong, ever-growing community of more than 4 Lakh followers hence having a prominent say on leading issues of national interest.

The IADN has a spotless record, we have intact our quality of reporting as it should be. We have a team of editors, content writers and graphic designers from various backgrounds. Our serving/veteran team members have got opportunity to associate with leading companies, institutions and government organisations.

Our Initiatives

We are not just providing news regarding the defence and security sector. We go one step ahead by helping our audience building better and informed narrative on the defence, strategic, security and related issues. These initiatives time to time have influenced many minds across the sector. Some of our special initiatives are listed below:-

Infobites: a short write-up informing audience about recent stats, reports, and information about various issues of defence and security. One can search about this series by typing ‘infobites@IADN’ on Facebook search engine or click to re-direct

Experts Quotes: quoting experts in the field of defence and strategic studies from the open domain, providing their analysis in shortest format which can be easily read by a beginner also. One can search about this series by typing ‘ExpertsQuotes@IADN’ on Facebook search engine or click to re-direct.

Author’s Desk: providing in-depth research and opinions of in-house/guest scholars working on defence-related issues. To re-direct on this section, click.

Ask The Expert: enabling the Public to directly contact IADN and get their answers in the shortest possible time by our in-house expert. To re-direct on this section, click.

Policy Excerpts: started in January 2021, collecting exclusive in-depth opinions from books, research papers, conferences, journals, web articles etc. with reputed academic record to make the unheard viewpoints, heard by the public. To re-direct on this section, click.

IADN Magazine: On the occasion of completion of 10 years in service, IADN launched its in-house E-magazine called “IADN Strategic Focus.” The monthly magazine is a recap of all the happenings in the defence and strategic sector in the form of E-publication. To re-direct on this section, click.

Serving Platforms: The IADN is active on all major social media platforms across the internet, the IADN in active contributor on at least 10 such platforms which are recognized worldwide. To re-direct on this section, click.