13 Missiles Tested in Last 42 Days: Here is the Chronology

DRDO HSTDV (Speed- Mach 6~12 or beyond)

September 7: Indigenously developed Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV). Testing the ‘Scramjet engine’ which is essential to power cruise missiles and long-range missile systems to attain hypersonic speed, was tested off the coast of Odisha. With Mach 6 speed the missile rise up to an altitude of 32 kilometres in 20 seconds.

DRDO Abhyas Drone (Endurance- 30-45 Minutes)

September 22: ABHYAS – High-speed Expendable Aerial Target (HEAT) vehicles – were tested off the coast of Odisha. These can be used as target for evaluation of various missile systems.

MBT Arjun firing ATGM (Range~ 5Km)

September 23: DRDO test-fires indigenously developed laser-guided Anti-tank Guided Missile at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. The missile employs a tandem HEAT warhead to defeat Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) protected armoured vehicles.

Prithvi-II Missile (Range- 250Km)

September 23: Prithvi-II test fired from Balasore, Odisha. It is an indigenously developed nuclear capable surface-to-surface missile which uses an advanced inertial guidance system with maneuvering trajectory to hit its target. IADN answers why missiles are tested again and again.

Scientists Readying Brahmos Missile. (Brahmos ER- 400Km Range)

September 30: Extended range of BrahMos (ER) supersonic cruise missile tested from a land-based facility in Odisha.

October 1: Laser-guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) fired from a MBT Arjun Tank in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

DRDO Hypersonic Shaurya Missile at Rajpath (Range- 700-1,900 Km)

October 3: India successfully test-fires new version of nuclear-capable Shaurya missile off Odisha coast. With this trial the missile is been inducted into the Forces.

DRDO SMART missile (50-650 Km)

October 5: India successfully test-fires indigenously developed SMART torpedo system which is essential for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations far beyond the torpedo range.

DRDO Rudram (Range- 100-250Km)

October 10: India successfully test-fired Rudram-1, indigenous Anti-radiation Missile (ARM) which can detect enemy radars on the ground with help of RF emitted by the radars.

October 12: India tested Nirbhay cruise missile. However, the test was aborted after 8 minutes of missile launch. The test remains unsuccessful. It has a range of 800-1000 Km.

October 17: second night trial of Prithivi-II missile. Read importance of night trials here explained by IADN.

October 18: A naval version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile fired from the indigenously-built stealth destroyer INS Chennai.

DRDO-IAF SANT Missile (Range- 15-20 Km)

October 19: India test fired SANT missile. The Standoff Anti-tank Guided Missile (SANT) an upgraded version of DRDO Helina Anti-tank missile has a range of 15-20Km compared to 7-8Km range of Helina missile. The missile is developed with joint efforts of DRDO and IAF.

Source: Hindustan Times with additional inputs from IADN

Edited by Shantanu K. Bansal


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