“Abhyas 2022” between Coast Guards of India and USA

Indian Coast Guard has grown rapidly in capability after serious efforts were made by the Government of India to plug the capability gaps after 26/11. Mumbai Terror attacks had brought forward the importance of policing of sea waters around Indian Coastline. And since then Indian Coast Guard has grown to be one of the largest such agency in the world.

United States Coast Guard is the world’s largest Coast Guard by sheer numbers and tonnage both. Having participated in wars around the world, the US Coast Guard is more capable than most other Navies in the world.

The Abhyas 2022 exercise saw a Legend Class cutter of US Coast Guard participate with Indian Coast Guard OPV and Patrol Boats. This will pave way for the joint patrolling in important shipping lanes of Indian Ocean Region.

The joint training exercises aimed to promote a “free and open” Indo-Pacific region. Fleet manoeuvres, which simulated the hijacking of a ship and subsequent rescue of its crew in a planned cooperative anti-piracy operation were executed.The exercise’s other high points included the interception of a pirated ship, a well-organized combined boarding operation, a SAR demonstration, and external fire-fighting to save burning ships.The USCG ship engaged in professional exchanges with Indian Coast Guard counterparts during visit-board-search-seizure operations, cross-deck visits, and a pleasant volleyball match from September 16 to September 19.

Indian Coast Guard has still a lot of potential to grow with plans underway to acquire Helicopters, Patrol Aircrafts, NG-OPVs, Pollution Control Vessels and Fast Patrol Vessels.



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