Akash SAM system for Armenia

Armenia looking to procure India’s Akash Surface to Air Missile (#SAM) System. 🇦🇲 🇮🇳 Armenia has previously ordered arms worth 250 million USD which including Pinaka MBRL, ATGMs and a range of ammunition. With this Armenia became the first export success for Pinaka.

Akash SAM is a short to medium range SAM system which is much cheaper to acquire than other systems in the same category. It can taget aircrafts, cruise missiles and UAVs upto 35km away. Various new variants are on offer now.

Recently, it was also reported that Armenia has also purchased 155.5 Million USD worth 155mm artillery systems from India’s private firm Kalyani. Armenia 🇦🇲 is facing agression from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 and Turkey both.


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