Anadrone soars high with Indian Navy contract for SHIKRA target systems

Indian defence leader Anadrone Systems has secured a significant contract with the Indian Navy in March 2024 for the supply of 100 SHIKRA high-speed aerial target systems. This falls under the IDDM (Indigenously Designed, Developed & Manufactured) category, signifying a major push for self-reliance in the country’s defense sector.

Enhancing the Indian Navy’s Defense Capabilities

The Indian Navy will utilize the SHIKRA target systems for critical training exercises designed to sharpen their air defense skills. These high-speed drones can simulate real-world threats, allowing the Navy to practice engaging and neutralizing hostile aircraft effectively. The SHIKRA’s maneuverability and performance will provide a realistic training environment, ensuring the Navy’s readiness to defend India’s territorial waters and airspace.

Proven Track Record in Aerial Target Systems

Anadrone brings a wealth of experience to the table, having delivered over 1,000 high-speed aerial target drones across more than 300 missions for the Indian Defence Forces and weapon developers. With state-of-the-art facilities in Gurugram and Odisha, and an upcoming expansion in Bhubaneshwar, the company is well-equipped to handle large-scale production.

Leading the Way in Innovation and Atmanirbhar Bharat

The company holds the distinction of being the first to secure contracts under the government’s key initiatives: Make in India, Make II, and IDDM for Aerial Target Systems. This commitment to indigenization is further reflected in Anadrone’s impressive 80% indigenous content rate, with an ambitious target of reaching 95% by the end of 2024, aligning perfectly with the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision.

Trusted Partner for Defense and Beyond

Anadrone’s certifications from ISO, DRDO (DLRL & RCI), and HAL, coupled with an Industrial License from DPIIT and a Production License, demonstrate their adherence to the highest quality standards. Their role as a prime contractor for DRDO with a long-standing rate contract for aerial target systems reinforces their position as a trusted partner for Defense PSUs (DPSUs) and international weapon manufacturers.

By securing this contract, Anadrone Systems has further solidified its position as a cornerstone of India’s defense indigenization and self-reliance programs. The SHIKRA target systems will play a vital role in training and enhancing the operational readiness of the Indian Navy.


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