Army to get 100+ ‘sky strikers’ for Balakot-type missions

In a major boost to ins arsenal the Indian Army is ready to procure around 100 'SkyStriker' drones the contract fro which was signed on September 1.

The Indian Army is ready to procure around 100 drones, ‘SkyStriker’ from a Bengaluru-based company, Alpha Design-led joint venture (JV) involving Israeli firm Elbit Security Sysy Systems (ELSEC). 

This could be a big boost to India’s drone arsenal and can not only stave off any future attacks but can also capably carry out airstrikes similar to Balakot. The contract worth Rs 100 crore was signed on September 1, according to a report by The Times of India.

A SkyStriker is an Unmanned aircraft system that can acquire and strike operator-designated targets with a warhead installed in the fuselage. The drones are capable of mass destruction and can carry ammunition atop them and can strike targets from far-off distances.

The Elbit systems’ website described SkyStriker “as a silent, invisible and surprise attacker, that delivers the utmost in precision and reliability, providing a critical advantage in the modern battlefield”. It can reach a distance of 20 km within 10 minutes. 

The SkyStriker is enabled with the latest technology and can provide direct-fire aerial-precision capabilities which will improve performance, situational awareness, and survivability of the troops and Special Forces.

Source: Times Now


  • Dr. Biplab Rath

    A Forensic Medicine and Toxicology expert from AIIMS Bhubhaneswar. He takes keen interest in ballistics, CBRN warfare and related subjects. He has been associated with the IADN since very initial time.

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