Chief of Defence to visit Russia, US over next few weeks; to meet defence officials

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat will visit Russia and the United States over the next few weeks. During his visit, CDS Rawat will meet the defence officials of the two countries. Both are very important visits as he will be visiting Russia when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in the United States. During his Russia visit, CDS Rawat will witness the conclusion of the sixth edition of the multinational military exercise organised by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), reports Times Now Srinjoy Chowdhury.In Russia, he will also meet the officials of the country’s defence ministry and the armed forces, while he is going to the US on the invitation of the joint chief of staff, the senior-most armed officer in the United States. The timing of the visit is important considering the situation developing in Afghanistan and the border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh, he added.Rawat warns against aggression by China, ‘proxy’ PakEarlier on Thursday, General Rawat had warned against aggression by China and its ‘proxy’ Pakistan and said that India is bolstering its air power and “looking at creating a rocket force”.While stressing that India has border issues with its two hostile neighbours Pakistan and China, CDS Rawar said that both have shown aggression in recent times. There is a need for extensive use of niche technology to combat various national security challenges, he added.General Rawat also underlined that Pakistan will continue its “proxy war” against India in Jammu and Kashmir and is also trying to foment trouble in Punjab and some other parts of the country.“As far as our northern adversary is concerned, since we have unsettled borders with them and they have shown aggression on the east coast, on the South China Sea with nations in that area, are they (China) likely to show aggression on our northern borders?” he said.



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