China land law to new acquisition, why 2022 is a critical year for Indian military

The year 2022 will be a critical one for India’s military. That is because the year will decide how our military shapes up over the next decade. A senior government official recently told me that the coming decade will see a lot of developments in the global arena, especially on the military front.

The official’s argument was that China is attempting to create a new world order and the US, which he termed as “dada (big brother) despite having lost some shine in the recent past” will seek to assert itself and it would be interesting to see how players like Russia respond.

There is no doubt that India has emerged as a critical player in the game of thrones being played by the superpowers.

While the US is trying to woo India through partnership and collaboration, Russians are a bit like the jealous lover throwing tantrums and flirting with both China and Pakistan to catch New Delhi’s attention.

The Chinese seem to be more interested in arm-twisting India to ensure it does not get into an embrace with the US.

Hence, for India, the next decade is critical and 2022 will lay the foundation.


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