December 10, 2022

China’s disregard for International Law a problem for India

Why China has wilfully wrecked the basis of a functional relationship with India built painstakingly over the years despite continual Chinese provocations is not clear.

Whether it is to unilaterally alter the Line of Actual Control by moving up to the 1959 claim line, impart high altitude combat experience to its armed forces, test out battle strategies for future operations and fill the gaps discovered, or, expecting an easy success, it is an operation that has gone wrong because of the Galwan valley incident and the Chinese are now in a position from where they can neither move forward nor retreat, is a matter of speculation. That the Chinese have given us five different explanations suggests that those talking to us are not very clear themselves about Xi Jinping’s thinking.

There can be no status quo ante in the overall India-China relationship even if the current standoff in Ladakh is resolved peacefully. China’s regional and international ambitions require a deferential and submissive India.

Our biggest foreign policy challenge in 2021 and beyond will be one of handling China, with virtually all our foreign policy choices influenced by the China factor, directly or indirectly.

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