Commemoration of Op Pawan

Commemoration #OPPAWAN, Valiant Deeds Undying Memories 29th July 2022 at the National War Memorial.

Mrs Surjeet Bedi’s mother of Late 2/Lt Amardeep Singh Bedi, Vr C (P). Braveheart laid down his life on 18th of Jan 1989.
65 Armd Regt was the only armored regiment on the island.

Col SP Khanna of 65th Armored Regiment was the Comdt for the entire duration of the Regt’s overseas deployment. The Regt was awarded two gallantry awards, Late Col Anil Kaul, Vr C and Capt Sudhakar Madhavan, Sena Medal Gallantry, Posthumous.

The Regiment sacrificed 1 Officer, 1 JCO and 15 OR. The Regt lost five T 72 M1 tanks in OP PAWAN. Two T 72 M1 tanks were Catastrophic Kill (K Kill) by the use of Improvised Explosive Devices.

One was an Mobility Kill (M Kill), balance two tanks were rendered un-operational due to extensive hits by RPGs and accurate small arms fire destroying the day and night vision devices.


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