Compiling some of the major blunders committed in Kashmir Since 1947

Compiling some of the major blunders committed by central government in Kashmir since 1947:

  1. Referring the matter to UN when the Indian Army was in the process of flushing out the invaders in 1947
  2. Nehru’s uncalled for assurance that the wishes of the people of the State would be ascertained (1947)
  3. Bartering away the territorial gains of 1965 at Tashkant
  4. Indira Gandhi could have dictated settlement of the Kashmir question in 1972: following the liberation of Bangladesh
  5. Release of militants in exchange for Rubaiya Sayeed by VP Singh on Dec 13, 1989
  6. Not crossing the LOC after clearing the aggression from Kargil, 1999
  7. Handing over three militants (Masood Azhar, Omar Sheikh, Mushtaq Zargar) at Kandahar on Dec 31, 1999

After all downfalls, in a big step on August 5, 2019 Article 370 and 35(A) were nullified by central government, the step hailed by everyone is tend to take Kashmir towards a peaceful and prosperous future.

Note: List as compiled by former DGP Prakash Singh also called architect of police reforms in India in a paper published by VIF.


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