Destructive, terror forces can dominate for some time, but their existence is not permanent: Modi

Source: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said destructive forces and people who followed the ideology of creating empires through terror could dominate for some time, but their existence is not permanent as they could not suppress humanity forever.

He was speaking while virtually inaugurating a few projects of the Somnath temple in Gujarat. “Somnath temple was destroyed many times, idols were desecrated many times and attempts were made to wipe out its existence. But it came up in its full glory after every destructive attack, which gives us self-confidence,” Modi said.

“Forces that strive for destruction and those who follow the ideology of creating empires out of terror can dominate for some time, but their existence is never permanent as they cannot suppress humanity forever,” he added.

It was true when the Somnath temple was being destroyed in the past and it is true even today, the PM said.

His remarks come in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Modi said India, which was at 65th position in 2013 in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, jumped to 34th position in 2019.

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