Does the Assault on the Capitol Show America Is Doomed?

Most one-term presidents are forgotten. Donald Trump is not likely to suffer that fate. In terms of the impact that he always craves, the sordid storming of the U.S. Capitol by a mob that included a “QAnon Shaman” yesterday sealed the deal for him. It was a true first—and the one thing that will define his presidency.

Washington is moving on from Trump. “Count me out,” Sen. Lindsey Graham announced yesterday. Other Republicans are seizing upon the tumult in the Capitol to distance themselves from Trump. Mick Mulvaney has resigned from the administration. So has deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger.

But perhaps the ultimate humiliation for Trump came when he tweeted out via his aide Dan Scavino’s account that a peaceful transition would take place. So powerless is Trump that he couldn’t even access his cherished Twitter account, which had been locked for twelve hours. He’s also been banned from Facebook for the duration of his presidency. So much for America’s first social media president.

But will America itself be able to move on from the violence that took place yesterday? A look at the past year indicates that there has been a steady escalation in violence. During the summer the left staged numerous protests against the police in Portland and Atlanta. Seattle became an “autonomous zone.”

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