DRDO successfully fired Pralay tactical ballistic missile off the coast of Balasore in Odisha

DRDO ‘Pralay’, short-range tactical ballistic missile (TBM), from the Abdul Kalam Island located off the coast of Odisha. The missile, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organisation, was launched at approximately 9:50 am and achieved all of its mission objectives. Sophisticated tracking instruments closely monitored its trajectory along the coastline, ensuring precision.

Pralay is a surface-to-surface TBM with a range of 350-500 kilometres and with a payload capacity of 500 to 1,000 kilograms.

The #Pralay missile follows a quasi-ballistic trajectory, where it flies lower than a ballistic trajectory and maintains high speed throughout the flight. It is also capable of manoeuvring during the flight, increasing its chances of successfully penetrating enemy defences.

Defence Ministry approves procurement of 120 Pralay Ballistic Missiles which will be deployed against both Pakistan and China.

Pralay has better Composite Propellents than Shaurya Missile. Pralay’s Composite Propellent has 86% Solid Loading. Due to the High Energy Propellents with better burn rate (5.5 at 5 Mpa), time taken to reach the target is considerably lesser than Shaurya.

Work is already going on to increase the range of Pralay beyond 500km to atleast 600km to strike deep targets in the enemy territory.


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