From Taiwan to Jack Ma, China’s troubles are growing on all fronts

With the emergence of a new virus wave in China, concerns for the country are growing on all fronts.

Let’s take a look.

Scare of Covid-19
Despite the chest-thumping by Chinese President Xi Jinping claiming victory over Covid-19, there is a fresh outbreak in Hebei province.

Two cities have been kept under lockdown, with the movement of people and vehicles being controlled, highway closed and mass testing underway.

More than 200 fresh cases were reported this week in Hebei.

Testing is underway in other cities of the province too and in fact, citizens are being encouraged to spy on each other.

Reports say authorities in Nangong are offering cash, 500 yuan (USD 77) for reporting any suspect who has not been tested.

Chinese authorities have asked citizens not to make unnecessary trips for the Lunar New Year which leads to millions travelling and last year contributed to the Wuhan outbreak too.

Many local governments have issued orders this week to impose travel restrictions, prompting China State Railway to refund tickets booked before Thursday.

Beijing has banned large scale celebrations with residents being asked to postpone weddings, simplify funerals and reduce gatherings.

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