India Developing Extra Long Range SAM Missile- XRSAM

The XRSAM (eXtra-long Range Surface to Air Missile) is an Indian long-range mobile surface to air missile defence system under development by Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It will supplement the Indo-Israeli Barak 8 and Russian S-400 missile system in the Indian armed forces.

DRDO is Developing Extended Range Barak( MRSAM) Interceptor missile for long range Air-defence System like S400.Extended Range MRSAM will have 150 km range, this will use in tandem with XRSAM (eXtra-long Range Surface to Air Missile).

The XR SAM will have a range of 350 Km.Both MRSAM-ER and XRSAM will be vertical-launching system. Both will use AESA Radar. Propulsion system will be similar like MRSAM Dual pulse solid fuel based Rocket motor’s.

The ER – MRSAM most probably use an additional Rocket booster for extended range.XRSAM may also have antiballistic Missile capabilities. XRSAM and ER-MRSAM will pack in a single vehicle.


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