India Hosts 90th Interpol General Assembly

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the 90th Interpol General Assembly on 18th October at around 1:45 PM in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The 90th General Assembly of INTERPOL will be held from 18th to 21st October. The  meeting will be attended by delegations from 195 INTERPOL member countries comprising of Ministers, Police Chiefs of countries, Heads of National Central Bureaus and Senior police officers. The General Assembly is INTERPOL’s supreme governing body and meets once a year to take key decisions related to its functioning.

The INTERPOL General Assembly meeting is taking place in India after a gap of about 25 years – it was last held in 1997. India’s proposal to host the INTERPOL General Assembly in 2022 at New Delhi coinciding with celebrations for 75th year of India’s independence was accepted by the General Assembly with overwhelming majority. The event provides an opportunity to showcase best practices in India’s law and order system to the entire world.

Union Home Minister, INTERPOL President Ahmed Naser Al Raisi and Secretary General Mr Jurgen Stock, CBI Director will also be present on the occasion.

PM Modi Addresses

“There can be no safe havens for corrupt, terrorists, drug cartels, poaching gangs, organised crime… When the threats are global, response cannot be just local,” he said at the international event attended by representatives of 195 countries at Pragati Maidan here.

Referring to terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking, poaching and organised crime which have affected many countries, the prime minister said the pace of change of these dangers is faster than before.

“A safe, secure world is our shared responsibility. When the forces of good cooperate, the forces of crime can’t operate,” he said.

Highlighting India’s response to global crises, Modi said from climate targets to Covid vaccines, India has shown willingness to take the lead in any crisis.

“At a time when nations, societies are becoming inward looking, India calls for more, not less, international cooperation,” he said.

The prime minister also said that global cooperation for local welfare is India’s call.

He lauded the roles played by police forces across the globe in tackling crimes and working for the welfare of people.

“Police forces across the world are not just protecting people but furthering social welfare as well,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said there can be no safe havens for the corrupt, terrorists, drug cartels, poaching gangs and organised crime, and called for a global response to tackle these dangers.

He said a safe and secure world is “our shared responsibility” and when the forces of good cooperate, the forces of crime cannot operate.

Addressing the 90th General Assembly of the Interpol, Modi also said corruption and financial crimes have harmed the welfare of citizens of many countries.


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