India-israel made Missile defence system successfully tested

MRSAM, an advanced air and missile defence system developed jointly by Israel’s Aerospace Industries and India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation, has been successfully tested in a test range in the country.

MRSAM (Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile) provides ultimate protection against a variety of aerial platforms and it is used by the Indian Air Force, Army and Navy, and also Israeli Defence Forces. The system includes an Advanced Phased Array Radar, Command and Control, Mobile Launchers and interceptors with advanced RF Seeker.

MRSAM is jointly developed by IAI and DRDO for Indian forces. IAI is in collaboration with Israeli and Indian industries, including: Rafael, TATA, BEL, L&T, BDL and many private vendors.

The current test, conducted last week at the Indian test range, validated all components of the weapon system to the customer’s satisfaction. Israeli specialists and Indian scientists and officers participated in and witnessed the test, said IAI in a statement.

The flight test demonstrated different extreme reference scenarios, validating various system capabilities.
As part of the test the MRSAM interceptor was launched from a land-based mobile launcher and successfully hit its threats. The scenario began by targeting the threat detected by the Systems digital MMR Radar and launched the MRSAM interceptor toward its operational trajectory. The interceptor acquired the target, and successfully intercepted it. All the weapon system’s elements met the test goals successfully.

“This trial is yet another testimonial to the strong partnership between IAI and India and the two nations. IAI is proud to lead this impressive cooperation with DRDO and the Indian forces and is dedicated to its continued success, ” said Boaz Levy, IAI president and chief executive.

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