Indian Army issues RFI for 155 mm/ 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System

Indian Army along with the Ministry of Defence has issued Request For Information (RFI) for procurement of 155 mm/ 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System that can be employed in plains, mountains, high altitude area, semi-desert, and desert terrain along the Northern and Western Borders of the country for the execution of Artillery tasks. RFI that has gone through has laid down some of the requirements like that 155/ 52 Calibre Gun System should be able to fire all in-service ammunition at the time of trials and precision ammunition under procurement.The vehicle of 155/ 52 Calibre Mounted Gun System should have the capability to operate in existing road and track network existing and created in mountain and desert terrain in own Northern and western Borders. 155 mm/ 52 Calibre Gun System should have an Inertial Navigation System based sight system with the capability to orient and fixing the location of the Gun System. The FCS should also have the capability to provide day and night direct and indirect firing. FCS should be compatible with Project SHAKTI.The Winning L1 vendor has to undertake a 5% offset and a minimum of 50% Indigenous Content (IC) should be present in the equipment. Indian Army has requirements for 814 mounted gun systems. As many as 200 guns are to be bought off the shelf and the remainder to be built within the country through technology transfers to an Indian partner.Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur had developed a Dhanush 155×52 mm Mounted Gun System (MGS) that was mounted on an 8×8 Tatra vehicle. DRDO has also offered to mount ATAGS 155×52 mm on an 8×8 Tatra vehicle to be used as a Mounted Gun System (MGS), but it’s not clear at this point time it has been cleared to do the necessary modifications for a highly automated fire control system along with an autoloader, while the weight of the gun could rise as an issue.Other International vendors will also be interested in participation along with their local Indian partner.



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