India’s heart broken. Malaysia tender goes to South Korean KA-50

Source – By Bhagyashree ( News day express)

Malaysia has rejected the India-made Light Combat Aircraft Tejas. Instead, he will now buy South Korea’s F-50 jets. The Malaysian Air Force had proposed to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to buy 18 Tejas. But it has been won by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and now the F-50 will join the Malaysian Air Force. By the way, the competition included Pakistan’s JF-17, Russia’s MiG-35 and Yak-130 and Turkey’s Hurjet. All these aircraft have been out of the race due to many other reasons.

what did south korea say
A report from the South China Morning Post said that the agreement between Malaysia and South Korea has reached its final stage. Initial reports said that a senior KAI official has told that Malaysia can choose between F-50 and Tejas. This official had said that Malaysia is in talks with them. Both countries believe in bilateral cooperation in the defense sector. He described the deal as a symbol of mutual trust and a strategic partnership.
What’s in the new jet
In the latest reports that have come, it has been said that this is a big setback for Tejas as it was being told at the top in this agreement. According to reports, India had offered Malaysia a package deal. It was said from India that it would set up an MRO facility for Sukhoi-30 fighter jets in Malaysia. It is believed that KAI wants to equip the FA-50 jet with Localized Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA). Apart from this, it will also have radar and air-to-air missiles that can destroy multiple targets at once.
what is the cost of a jet
The FA-50 jet will also be equipped with combat data processing, self-protection systems and guided weapons. The South Korean Air Force has been using it since 2013. As of now, however, the deal remains uncertain. Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense has offered to sell this jet for 3.5 billion Malaysian ringgit. The price of 4.3 billion ringgit has been fixed by KAI. The cost of one unit of Tejas is being said to be $28 million and the cost of one unit of FA-50 is around $30 million.


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