Indigenous 7.62x51mm Assault Rifles handed over to CRPF

Shri P. K. Behra, GM of Rifle Factory Ishapore in a ceremony on 4th February 2022 handed over indigenous 7.62x51mm Assualt Rifle to CRPF.

Shri Manoj Kumar Dubey, IGP received the weapon on behalf of CRPF. CRPF thus became the first customer of the indigenously designed 7.62×51 mm Assault Rifle.


Rifle Factory Ishapore is now a part of AW&EIL(Advanced Weapons & Equipment India Limited).

This is a gas operated assualt rifle , with single shot and full auto modes available. The rate of fire is more than 600 rounds per minutes and effective range of fire is more than 500 meters.

The rifle has a standard 20 round magzine and weight without its magzine is 3.8kg. It’s butt can be folded. And it can have sights mounted on it or a UBGL attached depending upon the requirements.

Images taken from PRO RFI.


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