Iran & Pakistan’s war of “Deception”

The latest discordance between Iran & Pakistan has taken intemperate move after both countries started striking each other’s border territories.

Recently, Iran has taken aggressive steps against Pakistan inside its border under the guise of ‘retaliatory strike’ against Sunni militant group “Jaish al-Adl“.

Jaish al-Adl is one of the major militant organizations operating against Iran in the south-eastern region of Sistan and Baluchistan. The organization’s goal is to liberate the Sunni-populated region of Sistan and Baluchistan from Shia authoritarian Iran.

To add fuel to the fire, Pakistan brutally carried out its so-called highly accurate retaliatory military operation under the codename “Marg Bar Sarmachar”, claiming more casualties.

However, the complexity has created with the episodes of military incidents to show a rift between the military friendship of Iran and Pakistan as both the countries share a common enemy. Both countries have a distinct history of forcefully occupying the Balochistan region, which was once an independent principality.

Currently, the occupied Balochistan is distributed between Iran and Pakistan. The people of the occupied Balochistan region, particularly Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, have been victims of state-sponsored mass disappearances and extrajudicial killings for years and such atrocities are still ongoing.

Initially both Iran and Pakistan have launched several joint operations against their common adversaries, but the recent incident where they were seen as pitting against each other to indicate a contemporary change in their approach.

Notably, according to Pakistan’s narration, the Baloch insurgent group Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) which has given nightmares to the Pakistan Army for years, is operating from the border areas of Iran (as Pakistan claims).

Wrapping up the latest developments, both Iran and Pakistan have increased their extra-judicial killings, but this time it is framed as an official retaliation against each other to outwit the world. This could be also seen as a decisive strategy to become steer clear from the bad books of human rights violations.

Additionally, Pakistan and Iran are still conducting naval exercises in the Persian Gulf which clearly shows no sign of differences between the two.


  • Aditi Dubey

    A graduate in Economics from Delhi University. A master in defence and strategic studies from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. She worked with Janes Defence as a research analyst in the defence data development domain. An ethical hacker, she takes interest in issues related to military tactics, international laws, arms acts and tribunals.

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