Israeli drones: Why always take the lead?

Israeli companies are constantly introducing new UAV models in different layers and successfully producing some unique design ideas.Israel deserves to be recognized as a world leader in the field of manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for military purposes.

In the equipment of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), there are hundreds of the following UAVs, a series of models have been exported and secured the country’s number one position in the world UAV market.

Development trends

The Israeli UAV design research, which was launched in the early 70s, lasted half a century and will certainly never stop. In the early days, Israel designed only light reconnaissance drones and radio-controlled targets for training.

After that, Israel mastered in the direction of research and other design ideas, both foreign ideas and domestic research. As a result, up to now, Israel has built UAVs of all grades.

The major producer of these engineering vehicles is Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Standing in second place is Elbit Systems. Other Israeli agencies and companies are still not very successful in the field of engineering (research-manufacturing), even in the field of commerce (profit).There are many Israeli companies with different specialties working in the UAV fabrication sector. However, only a few of the largest companies are involved in major projects and mass production of products.

Israeli companies almost completely meet the needs of the Israel Defense Army (IDF) for UAVs. Contracts to buy UAVs from abroad are minimal and only a few specialized UAV classes.

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