February 23, 2024

Light Tank under Project Zorawar Developed By L&T And DRDO To Roll Out By The Middle Of Next Year

Source – Swarajya

In its RFI of April 2021, the Indian Army has mandated a power-to-weight ratio of at least 25 HP/tonne for the light tank. While the T-72s offer an inadequate power-to-weight ratio of just 18.5 HP per tonne, China’s ZTQ-15 has a power-to-weight ratio of around 30 HP per tonne.

“The ILT is envisaged to be as lethal and survivable as the current tanks and will have major mobility advantage to be employed majorly in High Altitude Areas and Marginal Terrain,” Army says in the RFI.

India has deployed light tanks in high-altitude areas, including eastern Ladakh, in the past. AMX-13 tanks of the 20 Lancers were airlifted to Chushul onboard the Indian Air Force’s An-12s during the 1962 war. In the 1965 war with Pakistan, AMX-13s were deployed at Chamb.


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