Made in India Nagastra-1 loitering munitions delivered to Indian Army

Solar Industries’ Economics Explosives Ltd (EEL) has delivered the first batch of indigenously developed Nagastra-1 loitering munitions to the Indian Army, marking a significant milestone in the country’s “Make in India” initiative for defense procurement.

This comes after the Indian Army placed an order for 480 Nagastra-1s under emergency procurement powers. Following successful pre-delivery inspections, EEL has delivered an initial 120 loitering munitions to an Army Ammunition Depot, according to defense officials.

Nagastra-1: A Powerful Indigenous Weapon

The Nagastra-1 is a man-portable, fixed-wing electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a weight of just 9 kg. This lightweight design allows for easy deployment in the field. Here’s a closer look at Nagastra-1’s capabilities:

  • Precision Strike: Equipped with GPS technology, the Nagastra-1 can neutralize enemy threats with pinpoint accuracy of within 2 meters, making it a potent weapon in combat situations.
  • Multiple Operational Modes: The Nagastra-1 offers both manual and autonomous operation. In manual mode, the operator retains control within a 15 km radius, while autonomous mode extends the operational range to 30 km.
  • Silent and Undetectable: The electric propulsion system ensures quiet operation, minimizing the drone’s acoustic signature and making it difficult for enemies to detect it at altitudes exceeding 200 meters.
  • Kamikaze Mode: The Nagastra-1 boasts a “kamikaze mode,” allowing it to deliver a lethal strike directly on designated targets.

A Boost for Indian Defense

The successful development and delivery of the Nagastra-1 mark a major achievement for India’s defense sector. This indigenous loitering munition equips the Indian Army with a powerful and versatile weapon system, enhancing their operational capabilities and promoting self-reliance in defense manufacturing.


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