Make In India: UP Defence Corridor, Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers to boost the Aerospace & Defence sector in Northern India, says Neeraj Gupta, MD, MKU Ltd

In an effort to make the Indian Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector more self-reliant, the Society of Indian Defense Manufacturers (SIDM) has opened its chapter in Lucknow, in association with UP Defence Corridor (UPDC).

In an effort to make the Indian Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector more self-reliant, the Society of Indian Defense Manufacturers (SIDM) has opened its chapter in Lucknow, in association with UP Defence Corridor (UPDC).

Neeraj Gupta, Co-Chairman, SIDM, International and Exports Committee, tells Financial Express Online, “The opening of the first chapter of SIDM is in Lucknow. This will give a boost to the sector not only in the state of UP but in the entire northern region. With the proactive support of UPEIDA, this will provide the much-needed fillip to the UP Defence Corridor (UPDC).”

“There is a lot of focus on self-reliance, UPDC has a great opportunity to lead the show and provide world-class solutions across categories focusing on technology and user needs. The state through UPDC & now with SIDM provides us with a great platform to collaborate and innovate by organizing industry discussions and thought leadership sessions that will benefit the Indian defense ecosystem,” Mr. Gupta, who is also Managing Director of MKU Ltd, adds.

“SIDM was originally formed to address defense capabilities and promote technology/product innovation. Its core focus is to establish self-reliance in the government’s aerospace and defense (A&D) technology, manufacturing processes with the ‘Make in India’ initiative at its epicenter. And to achieve this goal, we are striving to encourage the development of indigenous defense capability through focused and sustained indigenization goals,” Mr. Gupta explains.

The new line of products and innovations of MKU Ltd:

Kanpur-based MKU Ltd has recently launched their new range of smart optronic solutions for soldiers which have been completely developed in-house with extensive R&D efforts and rapid technology adoptions.

More about the Optronic Solutions — NETRO

Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director of MKU Ltd, tells Financial Express Online, “We are turning night into day for our heroes with our range of optronics solutions they can operate with efficiency and confidence in challenging situations. Optronic solutions from NETRO enable our soldiers to have better situational awareness, target acquisition capabilities, and support them to make quick and effective decisions.”

“We develop and manufacture night vision and thermal weapon sights, monocular, goggles, and handheld devices,” he adds.

On the new product developments and innovation from MKU-

Mr. Gupta says that the company has been working on developing new products and innovations using in-house R&D and incorporating new technologies which would make it easier for the soldiers to use.

And these include:


MKU helmets feature the smart Reduced Helmet Trauma Technology (RHT) which uses new-age materials, unique patented processes, and techniques, to reduce the back face signatures and resulting BHBT in helmets by up to 40%.


MKU’s Smart design approach uses a ‘No Drill, No Holes, No Bolts’ approach in developing helmets and offers seamless and uniform protection across the compound and complex helmet shell with no weakened areas at all.

ILDS – INSTA LOAD DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (Body Armour – Ballistic Over Vests)

ILDS or the Insta Load Distribution System is a smart add-on for tactical vests that manages and redistributes a soldier’s carried load. This innovative feature will address an area of concern for the solder whose load is increasing by the day with ever-emerging threats and add on equipment to meet the new challenges.

QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM (Body Armour – Ballistic Over Vests)

Our Body Armour, deploy the patented and revolutionary 4P Quick Release System that divests the body armor from the operator’s body within a split second, in a single action. Arguably one of the quickest systems, this feature adds safety features for the soldier during emergencies.

Source: Financial Express


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