By H.E. Yogi Puranik

Reflecting upon the journey that has brought me to this moment, I am humbled and honoured to introduce the special Independence Month edition of the Indian Aerospace Defence News (IADN) magazine. This edition holds a significant place in my heart, as it beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Indo-Japan friendship, a bond that has enriched the lives of countless individuals and fostered collaboration between the two nations.

My own journey, from Mumbai, India to being the first-ever Asia-origin assembly member in Japan, then the first Indian-origin gazetted officer in the country and eventually serving as its first foreign-origin principal of a public school, has been one defined by both personal aspirations and the profound potential that blossoms through cross-cultural understanding

The theme of this edition resonates deeply with me, as it mirrors the trajectory of my own experiences. The Indo-Japan friendship, nurtured through shared values, common goals, and a steadfast commitment to progress, embodies the very essence of what can be achieved when nations come together.

I am deeply moved by the graciousness of the IADN team in seeking my wishes and support for this momentous edition. It is heartening to see how IADN has become a trusted source of information for both government and private entities, playing a vital role in matters of national security and international relations.

The magazine’s commitment to providing accurate and insightful analysis is truly commendable and aligns perfectly with the principles that underpin the Indo-Japan relationship. Within the pages that follow, you will find not just stories and articles, but a tapestry of shared experiences, aspirations, and the unwavering resolve to create a better world. My own journey, in the context of this edition, symbolizes the bridge between India and Japan, a bridge that continues to strengthen with each passing day.

I am deeply honoured to share my journey and thoughts in a special message within this edition. As you read these words, I hope you will find inspiration to embrace diversity, foster understanding, and contribute to the growth of the Indo-Japan friendship.

Together, we can pave the way for a future where collaboration knows no bounds and where the spirit of unity prevails. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the IADN team led by Mr. Shantanu K. Bansal for their dedication and passion in bringing this edition to life. It is my wish and hope that this magazine will serve as a catalyst for further strengthening the ties that bind our two great nations. [END]


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