Nistar Class DSV aces maiden sea trials

Marking a significant milestone for Indian shipbuilding, the first Nistar-class diving support vessel (DSV) successfully completed its maiden sea trials on May 27th. The vessel, built by Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL), underwent rigorous testing at sea before returning to the HSL jetty later that day.

These trials are a crucial step in validating the design and capabilities of the Nistar-class vessels. During the sea trials, the DSV would have been subjected to a battery of tests to assess its maneuverability, propulsion systems, and onboard equipment. The successful completion of the trials, with no major defects reported, signifies a major achievement for HSL and a positive indicator for the future of the project.

The Nistar class is a series of two deep-sea diving support vessels being constructed specifically for the Indian Navy. These vessels will play a vital role in supporting the Navy’s submarine fleet by providing critical functionalities like:

  • Submarine rescue operations: Equipped with a Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV), the Nistar class can aid submarines in distress.
  • Deep-sea diving: The DSVs are designed to facilitate deep-sea diving operations, enabling various underwater tasks.
  • Long-range patrols: The vessels boast endurance for extended deployments at sea, allowing for sustained patrolling missions.
  • Search and rescue (SAR): The Nistar class can be deployed for search and rescue operations at sea.

The successful maiden trials of the first Nistar-class vessel mark a significant step forward in bolstering India’s indigenous shipbuilding capabilities and enhancing the operational efficiency of the Indian Navy.


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