North Korea’s second ballistic strike coincides United Nations meeting

As per the latest report shared by South Korean correspondent, North Korea has tested a ballistic missile like projectile into the sea from its Jagang Province. This announcement came after a week when North Korea’s launch of hypersonic missile was making breaking statements in news. The latest launching has surged the concern of security threat by North Korea as the time of missile launching was concurrently done with respect to a UN meeting on same matter. Shin Beom-chul, a researcher at Korea Research Institute for National Security, said in a statement that “North Korea continues testing to diversify its nuclear arsenal, but it timed the launch on the day of the UNSC meeting to maximise its political impact,” The missile has said to be having a maximum speed of Mach 10 with weapon flew of 700 kms, more advanced than its previous launches.

Following the report of International Organizations and Watchdogs, North Korea has taken the soar in developing the missile technology in 2021. The rapid grow in launching missiles by North Korea is seen as an commination specially for countries like Japan and South Korea, with whom North Korea shares cold diplomatic relations. In a statement released by North Korean authority last year, long-range cruise missile, a train-launched weapon and a submarine-launched ballistic missile has been tested in the name of hypersonic warheads.

Source – Radio Free Asia


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