Ocean sailing vessels of Indian Navy reach Vishakhapatnam

As part of President’s Fleet Review 2022 (PFR 2022) Sail Parade activities, six Ocean going Indian Naval Sailing Vessels (INSVs) viz Mhadei, Tarini, Bulbul, Hariyal, Kadalpura and Neelkanth have arrived at Visakhapatnam from Goa. All six boats form part of Ocean Sailing Node at INS Mandovi at Goa under Southern Naval Command and are being manned by six each naval officers drawn from three Commands of Navy, ANC and IHQ MoD (Navy). The crew also includes six women officers.

The expedition commenced from Goa on 12 Jan 22. The 1600 NM (Almost 3000 KM) passage of the INSVs from Goa to Visakhapatnam was carried under aegis of Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA) based at IHQ MoD (N), New Delhi.

These yachts are utilised for ocean Sailing by Indian Navy. The crew for the sea sorties are selected from volunteers with adequate sea sailing experience. Ocean sailing is an extremely tough adventure sport. Indian Navy utilises the ocean Sailing yachts for inculcating spirit of adventure, enhancing risk taking abilities whilst honing essential seamanship skills including navigation, communication, technical operation of engines and onboard machinery, operation of Inmarsat equipment, logistics planning etc. It also enhances Indian Navy’s ability to project its benign presence across the globe by participating in sailing expeditions like Sagar Parikrama and Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro races, IONS sailing expedition etc.

In the past, Mhadei has done solo circumnavigation ‘Sagar Parikrama’ with Capt Dilip Donde in 2010 and Cdr Abhilash Tomy in 2013. She has also done Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro races in 2011, 2014 & 2017. Tarini has done circumnavigation of the globe ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ in 2017 with all women officers crew. The INSVs are planned to return to Goa by end March.


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