Pakistan’s Secret Meeting with Mossad Chief in Israel

A report of Israel Hayom accepted that the senior advisor to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari met with Mossad Chief, Yossi Cohen last year urging western countries to allow Pakistani participation in a joint naval exercise in the Black Sea. Bukhari, who is said to be a passport holder of Britain, secretly met top Israeli officials accompanying Mossad Chief in Tel Aviv. Hypocritically, the two countries are pretended as diplomatic rivals and do not recognise each other. The meeting was said to be part of Pakistan’s Army Chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa’s plan to decoy western countries and Israel to expand Pakistan’s military presence in the west. Following a statement by Pakistan Navy, it was said that “Pakistan is one of the countries participating in the Sea Breeze exercise and the Pakistan military attache in Ukraine will come as an observer”.

Israel, which has signed a “Peace Agreement” with the United Arab Emirates last year, is now moving towards normalizing its relations with other Muslim nations. Israel is set to take part in the international exercise along with Muslim countries including United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and even Turkey. The non-Muslim countries participating in the same exercise are United States, Georgia, Ukraine, South Korea, Sweden, Albania, Spain, Poland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Lithuania, Senegal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, Norway, Moldova and France. NATO will be a part of it too. This International exercise will be an incorporation of the use of amphibious means, submarine warfare, diving operations and air defence.

Pakistan is running in a functional mode to deepen its ties with western countries especially Israel. The two had been in a “secret alliance” in the Soviet-Afghan war that lasted approximately ten years. Another famous alliance of Pakistan with Israel was about the violent episode of “Operation Black September” where thousands of Palestinian fighters and Palestinian refugees were killed by Pakistan and the Jordan Army with Israeli Intelligence support. Pakistan’s role in killing Palestinians even led that time acting leader Zia-ul-Haq to be called the “Butcher of Palestine”.

Source – Israel Hayom


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