PM Dedicates Largest Helicopter Manufacturing Factory of HAL in Karnataka

PM Modi inaugurated India’s largest helicopter manufacturing factory of #HAL in Tumakuru, #Karnataka.

It will initially produce Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) and then be augmented to produce heavier helicopters such as LCH and IMRH.

It will also be used for Maintenance and Rpair of HAL helicopters such as LCH, LUH, ALH Dhruv and also civil helicopters.

Initially, the facility will produce 30 helicopters per year which can be enhanced to 60 and then 90 per year in a phased manner.

The HAL plans to produce more than 1,000 helicopters in the range of 3-15 tonnes, with a total business of over Rs4 Lakh crores over 20 years.


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