Protests Erupt in Kazakhstan After Fuel Price Rise: Government Buildings On Fire, Internet Cut

A mass protest has been led out by anti-government protesters along with the residents of Almaty, Kazakhstan in view of the increase in fuel prices. The protest in the biggest city of the country has brought huge destruction and loss of property resulting in the cut-off of internet access.

Thousands of people came out to the streets of the cities even during the state of emergency in the western province of Mangistau and also in the capital city of Nur Sultan, Almaty.

The protest started on Sunday 2 January by the Anti-government bodies from the office of Mayor, Almaty and within a week it had taken a violent turn. Parts of many huge buildings in the city are set on fire and destroyed.

The security forces deployed in various parts of the country have started using stun grenades and tear gas to bring the situation under control as protests have now emerged in other cities also.

The president of the country has regarded the massive protest against the government as the ‘Black Period’ in the history of Kazakhstan. He called the protesters as plotters and said they are financially motivated by the violence that erupted throughout the country.

On Tuesday 4 January, the country faced disruptions while using internet services and by Wednesday 5 January NetBlocks informed that the country was in the middle of a nation-scale internet blackout.

Videos showing the government buildings on fire and smoke rising from there were shared on social media platforms and shooting sounds were also heard in the videos.

According to the chief of city police, Kanat Taimerdenav radicals and extremists from various regions had raided hundreds of businessmen and also attacked 500 civilians.

On Tuesday 4 January, president Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev has resigned from his post and assured that fuel prices will be restored but the announcements did not make any difference in the protests.



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