PSLV C52 launch on coming 14th February

ISRO will try to get back into the grove after disruptions and failures during the Wuhan Coronavirus era. This 14th February will see the planned launch of PSLV C52 mission. It will be carrying Earth Observation Satellite as its main payload.

EOS 4 (popularly known as RISAT series) will be launched aboard this. Weighing over 1700 kgs it will replace older RISAT satellite and will have a design life of 5 years.

PSLV-C52 mission will also carry two small satellites as co-passengers which includes one student satellite (INSPIREsat-1) from Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST) in association with Laboratory of Atmospheric & Space Physics at University of Colorado, Boulder and a technology demonstrator satellite (INS-2TD) from ISRO, which is a precursor to India-Bhutan Joint Satellite (INS-2B).

EOS-04 is a Radar Imaging Satellite designed to provide high quality images under all weather conditions for applications such as Agriculture, Forestry & Plantations, Soil Moisture & Hydrology and Flood mapping.

The countdown process of 25 hours and 30 minutes leading to the launch would commence at 04:29 hours on February 13, 2022 after authorization by the Launch Authorization Board.

Source: ISRO


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