Rajasthan Man Honey-trapped by Women ISI Agents

42-year-old Satyanarayan Paliwal, a resident of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, has been arrested by CID (Special Branch) on charges of espionage. He was honey-trapped by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. He has confessed that he shared critical military information to an agent of Pakistan intelligence agency.

During interrogation, Satyanarayan Paliwal claimed that many women associated with ISI used to do live chatting with him on social media. Women ISI agents would often share naked photos in exchange for more information about the Army’s movement in border areas and the Pokhran firing range.

Women ISI agents would take off her clothes one after the other and get all the intelligence related to the security of the country from Satyanarayan Paliwal. However, Satyanarayan Paliwal never received any money in exchange for giving information. He had been giving information related to the army to the ISI for almost a quarter of a year.

According to Intelligence officials, Satyanarayan Paliwal had been in touch with ISI for a long time via social media accounts and was honeytrapped for critical information.

On social media, 5 girls used to talk continuously to Satyanarayan Paliwal by forming a group. During live chatting, these girls began to undress in front of Satyanarayan one after the other. In such a situation, he could not control himself and started giving important information related to the army to them. One of these five girls, claiming to be Sonita Kumari, claimed that she is the editor of a reputed Hindi daily newspaper and the remaining girls are journalists working with her.

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