RFIs for long range guided bombs and supersonic air to ground missiles by IAF

Indian Airforce has recently came out with two new RFIs for weapon systems. These include long range guided bombs and long range guided supersonic missiles.

Two RFIs of IAF

1. Long Range Guidance Kit for 250 Kg Bomb. Range to be over 60km. Initial quantity of 560 units. An additional order of 1000 units can be placed in future. Should be compatible with Mig29K, Mirage 2000, Rafale and LCA. [Depends on the vendor to either choose glide method or solid booster method to increase the range , also depends on vendor to choose between satellite, IIR or laser Guidance]

2. LONG RANGE SATELLITE NAVIGATION SYSTEM GUIDED MISSILE(LRSGM): It will be a long range Air to Ground Supersonic weapon. Minimum quantity of 250 Missiles. Minimum range of 220 Kilometres required. Missile should be able to attack from 70 degrees, meaning top attack capability needed. RFI closes on 20 June 2022.

For farther targets it is imperative to avoid enemy Air defence and still maintain high probability of hitting the targets. This can be achieved by use of weapons with long ranges while ensuring minimal losses. Therefore a long range stand off weapon is an operational requirement to improve targeting deep set targets.

The supersonic all weather day/night stand-off weapon is to be equipped with multipurpose warhead configuration suitable for various types of targets, including command and control centers, air bases, logistics centers, bunkers, munitions’ storage and other key infrastructure facilities.


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