Shore Based Guided Rocket: Indian Navy

Indian Navy looking to acquire Shore Based Guided Rockets capable to destroying enemy submarines at 150km range.

Indian Navy is exploring the use of guided weapons from India’s shorelines to create additional offensive capacity against India’s potential sea brone threats.

One among many projects is Shore Based – Guided Rocket project of Indian Navy. The project was accorded Approval in Principle under Make-2 Category of Make in India on 16th January 2023 and subsequently a questionnaire was issued by the Navy.

Indian Navy is looking to procure 1 prototype battery for trials & development purposes and the production run is expected to see an order of 7-10 batteries of SB-GR systems.

Some of the rough specifications as desired by the Navy includes a guided rocket having a diameter between 200-300mm with a length not exceeding 5.5 meters & a weight not exceeding 370kg. The desired range is upto 150 km. While Navy wants a 90% kill probability till 75km range. The rocket is desired to be supersonic in nature and should also be able to conduct Anti Submarine Warfare.

A SB-GR battery will comprise of a Command Post, TEL/Launcher vehicles, Loading Vehicles & Replenishment vehicles. The batteries will be controlled & coordinated by a Command & Control system based on trucks.

This system is primarily meant to engage enemy submarines coming near Indian shores. This will also be able to take down a multitude of other surface & sub surface targets. Given the projected estimate of specifications by the Navy, this system can be a derivative of Guided Pinaka Mk2 Rocket.


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