Skyroot Aerospace becomes first Indian company to test-fire solid-fueled rocket engine

Indian Space startup, Skyroot Aerospace, has proven the crucial propulsion technology of their maiden rocket Vikram-1, with the latest test-firing of an engine. Vikram-1 rocket is powered by four engines – three solid-fuel stages and one Liquid-fuel stage that the firm has designed and developed.

In August this year, the company had tested its liquid-fueled engine and now has proven the technology of the solid-fueled engine (Kalam-5), by successfully test-firing a miniature version.

Solid motors or solid-fueled engines are high thrust, low-cost rocket engines with propellant in solid form. They are highly reliable as they have very few moving parts. The Engine Testing was done at a private test facility on December 22 in Nagpur owned by Solar Industries, which is India’s largest explosives manufacturer and a leading Space and Defence contractor (also partner and investor in Skyroot).

Theoretically, this means that the company is close to realizing their dreams of putting together an orbital-class rocket, as its propulsion technology is the hardest to master.

Source: Wion


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