Surveillance by IAF to become more precise

The Indian Air Force’s target scopes and ground-based radars are likely to get more crisper and precise thanks to an algorithm developed by the International Institute for Information Technology, Hyderabad, and Bharat Electronics Ltd. The current system used by the Indian Air Force relies on a multi-sensor tracking (MST) mechanism. Air Situation Picture is a detailed listing of all aircraft in the airspace along with their corresponding flight numbers and flight plans. With overlapping radars sensing sometimes the same aircraft, and delay in communication between sensors, two common errors emerge.

One is the ‘merging’ error – a situation where multiple aircraft in close proximity to each other in the airspace are incorrectly identified as one and ‘splitting’ – where a single aircraft is sensed as multiple and erroneously flagged as a threat. Due to these errors, the current MST system has been constantly evolving with human-generated rules.



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