The F-35 Helmet Costs More than a Ferrari and Takes 2 Days to Get Fitted

The carbon-fiber helmet is custom-built to fit each individual pilot. It takes two days to get fitted small things such as a new haircut or a couple of pounds gained could cause the helmet to not fit correctly.

The F-35 itself also has 6 external cameras that it can feed directly to the pilot’s display.

Collins F-35 Helmet Features

The F-35 helmet can display night vision, thermal imagery and video from below the jet, letting pilots effectively see through the airframe and track targets without having to look back and forth from their cockpit screens.

For E.g. when pilot look toward the cameras embedded on the F-35, that image projects onto their helmet display.

It projects all the necessary information straight to the pilot’s visor (airspeed, altitude, etc.) The helmet allows target to be locked just by looking at it.


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