The Inauguration of Indian Space Association

With special reforms in Space Sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Indian Space Association today virtually at 11 AM. The beginning of this new space era of India will bring a boost to the private sector working in space technologies, opportunities for youths in space, normalization of the space sector and the Government’s functional role in space.

From the statements of the Prime Minister during the inauguration, the Indian Space Association will assist the nation by making modifications in technologies regarding geo-tagging, satellite imagery, naval system and disaster management. The aim of the Indian Space Association is to come up with the benefits of space technologies even to the poorest population for good remote health care, virtual education and protection from the natural disaster. Since India is entering from the Information age to the Space age, the motive of this space association is to make India an assertive end to end chain supply member of the space union. India’s leading way to cutting edge technology will ease geospatial mapping systems and revamping the remote sensing process.

“Earlier, the common mindset was like Space Sector is all government, we will change such mindsets, we will allow private stakeholders, entrepreneurs, government and space agencies to work together to make space technologies accessible,” said Prime Minister during Inauguration. Quoting Air India’s privatization and role of the private sector in making major positive developments in the economic and technology sector, he further added that, “Wherever Government doesn’t need any role to play, we are making such sectors privatize for national development and better public welfare”

The inauguration was attended by various participants including CDS Bipin Rawat and ISRO Chief K.Sivan. The founding members of the Indian pace Association are Nelco (Tata Group), Bharti Airtel, Ananth Technology Limited, OneWeb, Larsen and Tourbo, Mapmyindia and Walchandnagar Industries


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