Touted As ‘Game-Changer’, What Are Indian Navy’s ‘Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts’? - news

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GRSE, a Category 1 defense public sector undertaking and prominent warship builder of India, has laid the keel of the fifth of eight Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts (ASWSWCs) recently.

These vessels will integrate some high-tech features while simultaneously boosting the “Make in India” initiative. The EurAsian Times takes a deep dive into ASWSWCs.

Indigenously Developed 

ASW vessels, which will replace the aging Russian Abhay-class corvettes that have been in service with the Indian Navy since 1989. The watercraft’s primary function is to conduct anti-submarine operations in coastal waters along with handling low-intensity maritime undertakings and mine laying operations.

The craft whose keel was laid recently will have the ability to carry out full-scale subsurface surveillance of coastal waters. It will not only serve as a Search Attack Unit (SAU) but also coordinate anti-submarine warfare operations with aircraft.

In their secondary role, these ASW-SWCs will have the ability to prosecute intruding aircraft and lay mines in the sea bed.


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