WHO distorts Indian map, separates Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, from rest of the country

The World Health Organisation, which is currently facing a lot of heat over its failure to tackle the Chinese pandemic, has yet again stoked a massive controversy by distorting India’s map.

The WHO – the global public health watchdog, has published Indian maps after separating UT of Ladakh and UT of Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of the country. In the maps it has published, the WHO had used different colours to show Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh from the rest of India evoking strong reactions.

The two newly created Union Territories of India have been marked in grey colour, separate from India which appears in navy blue. On the other hand, the disputed border space of Aksai Chin is demarcated in grey with blue stripes, the identical shade as that of China.

The distorted map has been published on its COVID-19 scenario dashboard that depicts the most recent pandemic numbers by nation. Despite the outrage, the WHO has not changed the map that disregards India’s sovereignty. In its defence, the WHO has claimed that it follows the United Nation guidelines and practice regarding maps.

Map could be distorted because of China’s pressure

The WHO, which has been criticised for its role in absolving crimes of China, especially during the pandemic, has allegedly been pressurised by the Communist Party of China to put out such distorted maps to discredit India’s sovereignty on Jammu and Kashmir.

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