Will Russia take risk selling Su-57 to China?

The U.S. is interested in the sale of a Russian fifth-generation fighter to Chinese American weapons specialist Michael Peck, written an article in which he “discussed” the sale of the Su-57 fighter to China.

Peck first of all says that Moscow will certainly get a good profit from the deal with his partner, and the money to invest with the benefit of their defense projects. But what will China do with the purchased fighter jet? The answer is simple, recopies and will create its own aircraft.

Chinese media say that China’s designers should learn a lot from their Russian counterparts. However, journalists can simultaneously praise the Su-57 and at the same time scold him. This discrepancy is seen in an article posted on Chinamil.com. It says that the Russian fifth-generation fighter is comparable to the Chinese J-20 or American F-22.

“It is difficult to consider it a full-fledged fifth-generation fighter because of its low visibility capabilities. Military observers note that this flaw significantly reduces the effectiveness of the Russian fighter in comparison with the Chinese and American,” the article reads.

But then the Su-57 was praised by the chief designer of the Shenyang Aviation Design Institute Wang Yongqing, who once worked on such aircraft as J-11, J-15, J-16 and J-31. He said the fighter jet has “good capabilities.”

“With its innovative aerodynamic design and ability to control the thrust vector, the Su-57 attaches great importance to the supersonic mode and super-exercise. In these cases, inconspicuousness is not the main need of the aircraft,” Yongqing said.

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