10 Ways How G20 2023 Is The Beginning of The New Global Collaboration

India’s presidency at the G20 has unlocked a new chapter of the world’s “collective approach” to resolving global issues and ensuring new steps for positive participation in various sectors.

The ongoing G20 summit will set an example that global issues can be peacefully solved and global agendas can be gracefully ratified. This summit will hold the values of unity and collaboration to address every single specific concern.

While addressing the delegates at the summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also raised concerns about ending the ‘Global Trust Deficit’ and putting the steps together to enter the era of cooperation.

1. African Union Joins G20

The first day of the G20 summit commenced with India’s invitation to the African Union as a permanent member of the G20. G20 has now expanded as G21 with the addition of 55 African countries.

2. India-Middle-East-Europe Economic Corridor

The ‘India-Middle-East-Europe’ economic corridor reached its fruition as the project will involve building rails and shipping links, electricity cables, clean hydrogen pipelines, and high-speed optical fibre lines between India-Europe through the Middle East.

3. Sustainable Development 2030 Reinforced

The voice for the ‘Sustainable Development 2030’ agenda or simply SDG 30 agenda has held the importance of “equality” and “non-discrimination” with a commitment to “leave no one behind” and “reach those furthest behind first”.

4. Climate Finance

The initiative of “climate finance” will be the best bet to assist developing countries in accessing low-cost financing for existing and emerging clean and sustainable energy technologies.

5. Food Security

The G20 summit put on the ingenuity for enhancing global food security and ensuring nutrition for all. The world should collectively make efforts to eliminate global hunger.

6. Preventing Pandemics

The efforts for “strengthening the health architecture” to prevent pandemics and ensure preparedness and response through enhanced collaborations up to the global level.

7. G20 For Women Empowerment

The necessity for “women empowerment” to promote equal and effective participation of women especially in the economic and policy-making sector.

8. India Proposes G20 Satellite

The proposal of a “G20 satellite” for climate observation while ensuring this assistance to the countries of the global south.

9. Combating Terrorism

Collective measures for counter-terrorism, strengthening the wings of FATF to fight against money laundering and terror funding.

10. Launch of Global Biofuel Alliance

The launch of the ‘Global Biofuel Alliance’ to clear the ways for adopting biofuels and assurance of bioenergy access to developing countries. The alliance includes India, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh, Italy, Mauritius, UAE and Canada.


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