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The subject of my thoughts is India and its future. India has a journey to live its dreams over the next few decades. We have to cash in on this opportunity. This book is a consequence of compulsive thought and an inner conviction that we have been unfortunately performing way below our potential. The reasons could be many ranging from bad polity to communal divides and huge size, left impoverished, looted, bruised and left to simply rise on its own.

The development pace over the last 8-9 years brightened my hope. I have seen India deep and within.  The book actually is an argument, a talk, a discussion with my readers to replicate all available good ideas, find ways to ignite India bottoms up and actually take the path towards productivity, learning, embracing the circular economy and many more.

As I read through the happenings of the day over the last two years with an eye to understand where we are, what our government needs are, and where shall actually we be over the next few decades, more compelled I felt the need to write as a loyal citizen of my motherland. We have to simplify, delegate and strengthen the grassroots of our governance machinery. Ideas on sustainability, organics, learning, new technologies and our ancient knowledge systems especially needed to be conveyed to the people of India in one place. 

My thoughts compelled me to look at sharing a set of directions, priorities and a roadmap for India from now to the next 25 years. I also took the opportunity to pen down our threats, mindset issues and what the new generation yearns for.

The USP of my book is simply “Motivate the billion unlimited minds of India”, “argue with my readers”, “Inspire India” and challenge India to tell ourselves that even by present standards and pace of growth, we would still have more than 400 million reasonably poor people in 2047. We are yet to do anything much about our maritime resources, develop island territories, clean up our river systems, urbanize intelligently and more.

We actually are far away from the truth of our dreams. Every time, there is a case of vast piles of cash found by government agencies or there is organized crime, gang rape and honour killings of the downtrodden, it sinks me internally in deep pain. Many destructive inorganic models of businesses are floating in the market to destroy the youth.  Our governance system still is reactionary. Our culture and character were actually killed during British rule by the contractors of power. Our government servants became rulers and thus genetically corrupt. Nothing moves till the retail bribe is paid. Do we actually have National Character?

When you write a book of this nature, the urge is from within. How can India of 1.4 billion people have just 543 lawmakers? Are we okay? Why have we not woken up? There are many such questions in the book. Articles in newspapers are read and removed both from our minds and our reading desks.  I have put my heart on paper through the medium of this book. One has tried to be totally nonpolitical and non-religious. My call to the writers and readers community is that “Write you must”!  and do not ever stop! That’s all!

This book has set the pace for me to write a book on every chapter of this book aimed at explaining the needs of India to the gentry at large. We, as of today have just made a beginning and I guess are blowing our trumpet rather very early. Today, we just have about 800 million plus internet users and feel very bullish about it. How about the bottom half? “Billion Unlimited Minds” by Colonel Prashant Jha (Retd.) is a strongly recommended read for youths, students, entrepreneurs, and all realistic optimist Indians for a well-balanced prediction of India’s growth. Anyone seeking personal growth, and enhanced well-being, are bound to find the book inspiring and invigorating on their path to self-discovery. Happy Reading!!


  • Col. Prashant Jha (Retd.)

    Former commander at Air Defence regiment, Indian Army. Alumni of Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Army War College, College of Military Engineering and National Defence Academy. He has undertaken many corporate leadership roles at Wind World India, Pearson Co., Shell Technologies and Honeywell India. His core interest areas are tech-centric development, sustainability, EAI, KOS, Digitisation, smart systems, cybersecurity, skill development, risk management and leadership development. He has recently authored the book Billion Unlimited Mind.

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