DRDO develops Advanced Chaff Rockets to protect Indian Navy against missile attack. 

The Defence Research and Development Organisation has developed an Advanced Chaff Technology to safeguard the naval ships against enemy missile attack.

Defence Laboratory Jodhpur (DLJ), a DRDO laboratory, has indigenously developed three variants of this critical technology namely Short Range Chaff Rocket (SRCR), Medium Range Chaff Rocket (MRCR) and Long Range Chaff Rocket (LRCR) meeting Indian Navy’s qualitative requirements.  

Chaff is a passive expendable electronic countermeasure technology which protects naval ships from enemy’s radar and Radio Frequency (RF) missile seekers.   The chaff material is deployed in the air, which acts as decoy to deflect enemy’s missiles for safety of the ships. 

Recently, Indian Navy conducted trials of all three variants in the Arabian Sea on Indian Naval Ship and found the performance satisfactory.   The technology is being given to the industry for production in large quantities. 

The successful development of Advanced Chaff Technology is another step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Source: DDnews


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