The Russian atomic giant: the game of military drills and Russia’s new super weapon

Russia’s Poseidon 2M39 Torpedo poses a major threat according to the US observations in recent weeks. Poseidon 2M39 Torpedo is an autonomous nuclear-powered unmanned stealth torpedo armed with a nuclear warhead . This underwater nuclear vehicle powered by a nuclear reactor has the ability to counter in shore-based defence. According to the statement of state department official, “this device can cause radioactive waves that would render swaths of the target coastline uninhabitable for decades”

Image Source – Russian Navy post

Russia’s latest military drilling bumped its counterparts to the state of worry. Russia is rapidly doing several nuclear exercises including the UMKA-2021 challenging the USA and its allies. The statement released by Russian Navy Chief Admiral Nikolay Evmenov in his virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he conveyed that “As part of the Arctic expedition, three nuclear-powered submarines surfaced from under the ice inside an area with a radius of 300 meters for the first time in the history of the Russian navy”.

In Picture – one of Russian submarine surfaces under ice

Three Russian nuclear submarines are classified as two Delta- IV and one Borei class having total number of more than 200 nuclear warheads carrying 16 ballistic missiles in each submarine. These submarines are surfaced under ice at a distance of approximately 200-300 meters from each other. Along with this, Russia is also doing some tactical exercises for empowering its arctic motorized rifle brigade, which is a branch of Russia’s Coastal Troops of Navy to stand against difficult weather condition.

Russian confrontation against Ukraine and USA

Leading with Russian aggression in east Ukraine border latterly catch attention of USA and NATO again this month. Ukraine and Russia are confronting each other over the dispute of eastern Donbass region with their respected claim on the territory. Donbass is an energy rich region and hence a disputation between Russia and Ukraine for several years. Though the rebels in Donbass region were accused by Ukraine Government for being in Russian side, Ukraine keep its military exercise recommenced in the region with the support of USA after recent Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Russia’s latest military move in eastern Donbass region has set the fire again of a dispute. Since, Russia is now actively involving in coastal and disputed regions that give provocation to Biden’s administration, the circumstances near Russian coastal and land borders are making their way for instability including the territories near to Alaska that outdared USA.


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