Even drop tanks can be used as weapons?

Drop tanks are not designed to be used as weapons, but they can potentially be used as improvised weapons in certain situations.

For example, in a desperate situation where an aircraft is being pursued by an enemy fighter and has run out of missiles or ammunition, a pilot may choose to jettison drop tanks as drop tank reduce speed and manuverability. So it is used mostly for long-range reconnaissance or strike mission and unlikely during dog fight or interception missions.

However, using a drop tank as a weapon is not a recommended or standard tactic, as it can be difficult to accurately aim and control the trajectory of the tank.

Additionally, dropping a tank can also pose a risk to civilian populations or friendly forces on the ground if it is not done carefully and in a controlled manner.

Overall, while drop tanks can potentially be used as a weapon in certain situations, they are primarily designed for their intended purpose of extending the range and endurance of military aircraft.

As a matter of fact, American pilots, they used drop tanks as bombs during World War-II sorties.


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