French forces get a close look at Indian Army’s new ASMI 9mm SMG during Exercise Shakti

The Exercise Shakti, a joint military exercise between India and France held in Umroi, Meghalaya, witnessed an exchange of knowledge beyond just combat drills. One such instance involved French forces getting a firsthand look at the Indian Army’s newly inducted ASMI 9mm SMG.

The ASMI is a domestically designed and produced submachine gun. Its induction signifies India’s growing self-reliance in defense equipment. While details about the inspection remain confidential, it likely involved French troops examining the weapon’s ergonomics, handling characteristics, and potentially firing it on the range.

This exchange of knowledge serves a dual purpose. It allows the Indian Army to showcase its latest technological advancements to a key strategic partner. For the French forces, it provides valuable insight into the Indian Army’s evolving weaponry and potential areas for future collaboration.

Exercise Shakti itself is a testament to the growing military cooperation between India and France. The biennial exercise, now in its seventh iteration, focuses on enhancing joint capabilities for multi-domain operations in semi-conventional scenarios. This year’s exercise included drills on responding to terrorist threats, establishing joint command posts, and utilizing drones.

The exchange surrounding the ASMI SMG highlights the broader goal of Exercise Shakti: not just to improve combat skills but also to foster closer military ties and collaboration between India and France. This collaborative approach paves the way for future advancements in military technology and interoperability between the two forces.


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